Meet the Team

The Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield, in conjunction with N8 Agrifood, supports research on food system change and food justice.

Dr. Merisa Thompson is a Research Associate on Global Food Justice and works on the critical application of value chain methodology, involving – amongst other potential avenues – the use of analytical theory, political economy, ethical audits, value mapping, governance, and direct stakeholder engagement in the UK.

She completed a PhD on the Politics of Food and Power in the Caribbean and you can read some of her recent public engagement work on the oligopolisation of the Haitian food economy here.


Dr. Justa Hopma works as a Research Fellow on GFJ and her role is to shed light upon how civil society and activists in the global North and South are resisting injustices relating to the environmental and social impacts of food systems. Her work seeks to connect theories of justice to ethical practice by focusing on the voices of Bolivian women who are active in agro-ecology.

Justa completed a PhD on counter-hegemonic discourses of ‘food security’ and ‘food sovereignty’ and seeks to provide answers as to how such discourses inform possibilities for food system transformation. Here is an overview of the five research questions of her PhD, which are also applicable to other geographic regions.

Dr. Alasdair Cochrane is Senior Lecturer in Political Theory. His current research interests include  cosmopolitan approaches to animal rights and the anthropocentrism of human rights. His expertise spans the fields of animal ethics; environmental ethics; bioethics; human rights; and contemporary political theory. For an impression of the kinds of themes that cut through GFJ and Alasdair’s work, see the schedule of the animal-values-and-sustainable-food-production workshop held on January 31st and February 1st 2017.


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