Mini-Report of the Extinction and Livestock Conference 2017

We Need to Talk About Power In early October, as part of my post-doctoral research on ethical tensions in UK food systems, I spent two days immersed in Compassion in World Farming's (CIWF) ‘Extinction and Livestock’ conference in London (held in partnership with WWF-UK). CIWF Chief Executive Officer, Philip Lymbery, opened the event by declaring… Continue reading Mini-Report of the Extinction and Livestock Conference 2017


A Vegan ‘Crisis’?

As policy-makers and consumers become more concerned about the environmental, health, and animal welfare consequences of consuming meat and animal-derived products, sweeping dietary changes are currently taking place across the globe. In the UK, worries about animal welfare, the risks associated with consuming some animal products, environmental sustainability, diet-related ill health, and lifestyle trends have… Continue reading A Vegan ‘Crisis’?