“Food and Agricultural Research for Whom?” A reflection

This post was written in response to the recent publication 'For whom? Questioning the food and farming research agenda', published by the Food Ethics Council as well as several thought-provoking panels at the 2018 AAG conference.


Mini-Report of the Extinction and Livestock Conference 2017

We Need to Talk About Power In early October, as part of my post-doctoral research on ethical tensions in UK food systems, I spent two days immersed in Compassion in World Farming's (CIWF) ‘Extinction and Livestock’ conference in London (held in partnership with WWF-UK). CIWF Chief Executive Officer, Philip Lymbery, opened the event by declaring… Continue reading Mini-Report of the Extinction and Livestock Conference 2017

Of hegemony and halal – A talk on the globalisation of kosher and halal meat by John Lever

[Heads-up: this blog contains some information about the specific ways through which animals are killed, focusing on both kosher/halal and Western/industrial practices] Last week, I attended a talk organised by the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR) on the globalisation of halal and kosher meat. Researcher John Lever (University of Huddersfield) began his… Continue reading Of hegemony and halal – A talk on the globalisation of kosher and halal meat by John Lever

A Vegan ‘Crisis’?

As policy-makers and consumers become more concerned about the environmental, health, and animal welfare consequences of consuming meat and animal-derived products, sweeping dietary changes are currently taking place across the globe. In the UK, worries about animal welfare, the risks associated with consuming some animal products, environmental sustainability, diet-related ill health, and lifestyle trends have… Continue reading A Vegan ‘Crisis’?